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Archos 50b, 50c Oxygen Are Budget Quad, Octa-core Smartphones – Android Community

Native Outlook Web App preview now out for some Android phones | Ars Technica

Archos 50b, 50c Oxygen Are Budget Quad, Octa-core Smartphones - Android Community OWAforAndroid_021-150x150

The spec sheet reveals that both variants the 50b quad-core and the 50c octa-core will be running MediaTek chipsets, pretty famous in the budget smartphone market. The 50c will be sporting the MT6592, developed MediaTek in the latter part of 2013 as the first true octa-core mobile processor . This chipset will be turning 8 Cortex A7 cores running at 1.7Ghz, which is pretty awesome considering the USD$300 price range. The 50b priced at around USD$220 will be using MediaTeks MT6582 chipset, which is a quad-core processor running at 1.3Ghz per core. Strangely, and maybe by necessity being a budget phone, both variants will have only 1GB of RAM. The performance boost of added RAM say maybe 2GB of it in an octa-core phone is substantial, and we were wondering if Archos could have squeezed the cost enough to at least put 2GB of RAM in the octa-core 50c Oxygen.
Original version, visit http://androidcommunity.com/archos-50b-50c-oxygen-are-budget-quad-octa-core-smartphones-20140613/


When a user with a Svpeng-infected phone tapped the Google Play app, Svpeng launched an overlay designed to look like an authentic part of the app, which asked users to « re-enter » credit-card numbers or other financial information. But that’s wasn’t all. Early in 2014, Svpeng decided that being a banking Trojan just wasn’t adequate to express its full identity. Svpeng now incorporates ransomware features specific to « police Trojans. » In those variants, Svpeng would replace the regular Android screen with a message, allegedly from local law enforcement, claiming that the phone’s owner had been caught viewing child pornography and would need to pay a fine of $500 in order to unlock the phone. Soon after that, reports Kaspersky, Svpeng’s creators decided to spin off its ransomware component into an entirely separate piece of malware.
Original version, visit http://www.tomsguide.com/us/svpeng-android-ransomware,news-18977.html

ZOPO ZP998 Octacore Android Smartphone Review and Giveaway

zopo zp998 camera example 300x168   ZOPO ZP998 Octacore Android Smartphone Review and Giveaway

The pre-release app is, however, highly constrained. Just as with the iOS apps, it requires a business Office 365 subscription; neither Office 365 Personal nor Office 365 Home are supported, nor is Outlook.com mail. The app also requiresAndroid 4.4 KitKat. Most limiting, however, arethe hardware restrictions. OWA for Android only runs on phones.
Original version, visit http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/06/native-outlook-web-app-preview-now-out-for-some-android-phones/

Mutant Malware Threatens US Android Phones

However, for any Android buildolderthan 4.4, the ZP998 camera app offers a lot of features you cant find bundled together anywhere else. Its rich features include: panorama, motion tracking, smile detection, ASD, HDR and MAV mode. Panorama: This feature allows the user to swing the camera from left to right, capturing a wider field of view. The picture quality is reasonably good for panorama mode. Motion tracking: This mode is useful for tracking moving objects. It automatically detects motion and can capture it without excess blur. Smile detection: This mode shoots when a smile is detected.
Original version, visit http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/zopo-zp998-octacore-android-smartphone-review-and-giveaway/

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